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You can see the important steps we have taken from this establishment until this time.

Who Are We?

Our company was established in 1960 as Günaylar Vegetable Fruit. It started its activities in Manavgat Wholesaler Market in 1988 and increased its targets together with tourism which is rising sector in the region. In 2005, a facility was built in Manavgat in accordance with the regulations and under superior physical conditions, and its work continued unabated.

As of 2015, in order to provide faster and better service in line with the increasing customer portfolio, it has established its new facility. The main foundations of an organization that can serve in the most appropriate way with hygienic conditions by domestic and imported vegetable fruit products have been laid.

As of 2018, both integrated banana plant and milk and fattening farm projects have been established. Also milk and fattening farm will start its activities in 2019.

Who Are We?


You can visit here to examine some important steps and developments that Günaylar Tarım İşletmeleri A.Ş.



We are taking steps by making necessary standard and detailed researches in our fields of study. We conduct research for the most efficient environment in developing technology and geographic conditions.


From production conditions to logistics point, from logistics to packaging and quality control, we produce strategies to increase efficiency at all points, and to meet our mission and quality.

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Ünvan: Nano İnternet Programcılık Ticaret Reklam ve Bilişim Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti.
Vergi Dairesi: Manavgat
Vergi Numarası: 629 049 1398