We collect vegetables and fruits from our farmers in our facilities and we set out for you in suitable conditions.

With our high technology and wide storage areas, our products are prepared in the most suitable conditions and delivered to the buyer.


Our company, which is aware of the fact that the foods that are important for human life should be reliable and high quality, by providing the quality and reliability of the documents and certificates received, provides the best service to their customers. Günaylar received the Food Production Certificate, Trademark Registration Certificate and HACCP (Food Safety Management System) and ISO9001 (Quality Management System) certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, General Directorate of Protection and Control in 2005 and finally, 2008 revised its quality systems, ISO 22000 has adopted the principle of hygiene and safe production as required by this document.


All of the personnel involved in the process from the purchase to the delivery of the product fulfill their duties within the framework of hygiene rules, they use bones, gloves and masks during product processing and packaging. Products coming from the field are processed according to customer demand without waiting for the cold chain without frigo firik vehicles with anti-bacterial soil properties. Our products are controlled by our food engineers. In our facility, hygienic treatment is done in a timely and complete manner.


All materials are pre-checked prior to commissioning. Necessary measures are taken to prevent the product from deteriorating. Employees' health checks are made and they are subjected to the necessary training and practices. The hygiene of the areas where the procedures are performed is checked and the appropriate medicines are used. Analysis of the materials and foods used is done in a static manner.


The packaged products are checked before the final distribution. Installation information is organized and the products are loaded on frigo firik vehicles. Records are kept at the center of the records held during delivery. If the customer does not find the product conditions sufficient after delivery, the delivered products are replaced with a new one.

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